PHP 7 nightlies for Windows

PHP 7 nightlies for Windows

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If you want to give PHP7 (PHPng) a try before it gets released, finding compiled binaries is not easy.

Use this link to access the official Windows nightly builds by the PHP team:

Are you running PHP on Windows or Azure? Consume the .Net framework from PHP thanks to NetPhp.

A piece of code writen in C# like this:

string javascript = "";
Microsoft.Ajax.Utilities.Minifier m = new Microsoft.Ajax.Utilities.Minifier();
Microsoft.Ajax.Utilities.CodeSettings settings = new Microsoft.Ajax.Utilities.CodeSettings();
settings.OutputMode = Microsoft.Ajax.Utilities.OutputMode.SingleLine;
settings.PreserveFunctionNames = false;
string minified = m.MinifyJavaScript(javascript, settings);

Will look like this on PHP:

$minifier = netMinifier::Minifier_Constructor();
$settings = netCodeSettings::CodeSettings_Constructor();
$csssettings = \ms\Microsoft\Ajax\Utilities\netCssSettings::CssSettings_Constructor();
$result = $minifier->MinifyStyleSheet($css, $csssettings, $settings)->Val();

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