ASP.Net session state scaling and performance issues

In this post we will in depth discuss:


Token SessionState

ASP.Net JWT Token based SessionState Provider

The ASP.Net JWT Token based SessionState provider is a drop-in replacement for ASP.Net's default session state providers (in-proc, Asp.Net State Server, SQL Server) that is 100% stateless and requires no backend storage service.

This component was developed to totally remove the traditional session state bottleneck scaling issues on a +100,000K concurrent users corporate ASP.Net project.



Installing Pim Core on Windows and IIS

In this post we will go through the process of installing PimCore in the WIMP (Windows IIS MySQL PHP) stack.

Getting your system ready

We will install the the necessary packages and tools needed to work in the WIMP stack. Not all these are necessarily needed for Pim Core, but are reguarly used in IIS based Open Source projects.

In an elevated powershell console run the following commands:


IIS Chef

IIS Chef is an infrastructure-as-code tooling utility for Windows environments, specifically targeted at deploying applications on IIS and Windows.

You describe your application needs (storage, IIS configuration, etc.) on a configuration file that is part of you artifact's/source, and Chef will deploy accordingly.


To quickly install the powershell CMDLet in your system with the latest build place the following code in a .bat file and run it:


Installing Magento on Windows and IIS

In this post we will explore the details of deploying Magento E-commerce on Windows and IIS. We will be focusing exclusively on elements and configurations relevant to that software stack, but the rest of the installation and deployment process will still be briefly covered. Note that being Magento a commercially supported product, the offical setup guides are detailed very thoroughly.


Continuous integration and testing with Drupal on AppVeyor

You can now easily test your Drupal projects on AppVeyor. Currently, AppVeyor is the major player in CI regarding Windows Servers. On other CI systems (Travis, Bitbucket pipelines) you are limited to Docker containers for the *nix platform. (This will soon change as some CI will throw Windows containers into the mix).

Until then, the only tool to CI your Drupal (or any PHP project) on a Windows based environment using IIS is AppVeyor.


Remote debugging production PHP applications with XDebug

In this post we will see how to debug a remote PHP based application using XDebug and SSH tunnels, with a setup that can be used even on production environments (because, yes, some edge case issues will only appear in production).

Xdebug on production environments? This is a no-go on most situations. But sometimes there is no other alternative. Directly hooking into a production environment to dig through an issue that you cannot reproduce locally can save you a lot of time, and reduce your application downtime.


Profiling Drupal: XHprof, Uprofiler, Tideways with PHP7 on Linux and Windows

Being able to analyze and monitor - with ease - the performance of your application is a key part to the success of any web based project. Not only because a slow site might negatively affect conversions, but as Drupal 8 is shifting away from websites and more into complex web based applications, specific business transactions are becoming more important. Considering Drupal's historical poor performance when it comes to "backend" operations, having proper profiling tools is a must.


Couchbase 4.5 released: now x6 faster than MongoDB

Last week the Couchbase team released the new 4.5 version of Couchbase Server.

You can see all the new introduced features here:


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