ASP.Net session state scaling and performance issues

In this post we will in depth discuss:

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Token SessionState

ASP.Net JWT Token based SessionState Provider

The ASP.Net JWT Token based SessionState provider is a drop-in replacement for ASP.Net's default session state providers (in-proc, Asp.Net State Server, SQL Server) that is 100% stateless and requires no backend storage service.

This component was developed to totally remove the traditional session state bottleneck scaling issues on a +100,000K concurrent users corporate ASP.Net project.


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Remote debugging production PHP applications with XDebug

In this post we will see how to debug a remote PHP based application using XDebug and SSH tunnels, with a setup that can be used even on production environments (because, yes, some edge case issues will only appear in production).

Xdebug on production environments? This is a no-go on most situations. But sometimes there is no other alternative. Directly hooking into a production environment to dig through an issue that you cannot reproduce locally can save you a lot of time, and reduce your application downtime.

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Paidware Terms and Conditions



This license is a trimmed down version of the GNU General Public License v3 open source license that explicitly limits the ability to convey the source code and any derivative works.


0. Definitions.

“This License” refers to this license.

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Drupal en Windows

Has elegido el CMS por excelencia para proyectos de empresa...

¿Por qué no desplegarlo sobre un entorno empresarial?

Somo los expertos de Drupal en Windows y desarrolladores detrás de los elementos(1) necesarios para desplegar Drupal en IIS y SQL Server en

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