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Couchbase 4.5 released: now x6 faster than MongoDB

Piece of Cake

Last week the Couchbase team released the new 4.5 version of Couchbase Server.

You can see all the new introduced features here:

A part from introducing a huge number of new features, many of them aimed at improved performance and scalability, the new version solves an outstanding issue that prevented the Drupal Couchbase module from operating on SASL protected buckets:

We are also happy to see the Couchbase team actively working on the Couchbase PHP extension, and a PHP7 release is around the corner.

The Drupal Couchbase module has already been tested against an internal build and works perfectly on PHP7.

With the latest 8.x-1.9 Drupal Couchbase module release you can scale your Drupal based application to new heights with a much lower TCO.

Because you know that....

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