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Continuous integration and testing with Drupal on AppVeyor

You can now easily test your Drupal projects on AppVeyor. Currently, AppVeyor is the major player in CI regarding Windows Servers. On other CI systems (Travis, Bitbucket pipelines) you are limited to Docker containers for the *nix platform. (This will soon change as some CI will throw Windows containers into the mix).

Until then, the only tool to CI your Drupal (or any PHP project) on a Windows based environment using IIS is AppVeyor.


Drupal 7 update jQuery.once: jquery.once polyfill

In this post I will share a quick tip on how to upgrade the jquery.once plugin in Drupal 7 without breaking current code.

Drupal 7 ships with jquery.once plugin version 1.2 that dates from 2013. For a project we needed to make code targeting the old 1.x and the 2.x work at the same time. In our case this was core javascript written for 1.x working with some code of ours designed for jquery.once 2.x.

The solution is easy: upgrade the core jquery.once to 2.x and add a polyfill to make it backwards compatible.


Profiling Drupal: XHprof, Uprofiler, Tideways with PHP7 on Linux and Windows

Being able to analyze and monitor - with ease - the performance of your application is a key part to the success of any web based project. Not only because a slow site might negatively affect conversions, but as Drupal 8 is shifting away from websites and more into complex web based applications, specific business transactions are becoming more important. Considering Drupal's historical poor performance when it comes to "backend" operations, having proper profiling tools is a must.


Couchbase 4.5 released: now x6 faster than MongoDB

Last week the Couchbase team released the new 4.5 version of Couchbase Server.

You can see all the new introduced features here:


Fighting Spam In Drupal: Big Pipe to the rescue

On a previous post I explained how we are using BigPipe in Drupal 7 (Cheap Pipe (sort of BigPipe) in Drupal 7). Besides all the known benefits of big pipe, there is a less known side effect that might help you fight spam.


Google analytics done right: successful business analytics

The basics

If you run an online business you should take analytics very seriously. Improving sales, conversions and any other objectives your web application has is an iterative process that needs to be based on measurable and meaningful indicators.


Running Drupal 8 on PHP 7


Cheap Pipe (sort of BigPipe) in Drupal 7

This post is on how we implemented a simple (yet effective) BigPipe "like" rendering strategy for Drupal 7.

Why is big pipe so important?


Uploading big files to Drupal 8: PLUpload integration

As of this writing the only site building readily available module is the PLUpload file widget.

This module depends on the PLUpload form element provided by the Plupload integration module, that is a more developer oriented module.

With the Plupload widget/integration you can:


Drupal 8 performance: the Supercache module

The Supercache module is the result of an attempt to improve Drupal 8 efficiency when dealing with cache tag management and other design issues with several caching components that make it a pain to deal with Drupal 8 based applications that change a lot. 

An out of the box Drupal 8 install will issue about 2,100 database statements for a simple task such as performing a log in and creating two articles.



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