Deploying changing module dependencies with Drupal

Deployments are often one of the most important aspects of the Drupal development cycle. But sometimes, due to time and/or budget constraints (or the maturity of your company) developers clone databases downstream, manually reproduce content on production environments, and rely on other bad practices on a regular basis.

Today we will show you how we manage small (but critical) changes in module dependencies for our custom modules here at


Benchmarking Drupal 7 on PHP 7-dev

There are big expectations surrounding PHP7.

PHP has seen the threat and needs to keep up with competitors such as HHVM or the recently open source and cross platform compatible .Net Framework. Even a while ago (2011) the .Net implementation of PHP (Phalanger) already was light years superior and much better performant than Zend Engine, and was proposed as a replacement of the Zend Engine (read the full story here).


Hiding the fact that your site runs Drupal

Things like Drupagedon exist.


Git shell on Windows reports “sh.exe has stopped working (APPCRASH)”

About the Error

In this article we will show you how to deal with the following error:

sh.exe has stopped working


Build GIT on Windows from Sources

Unluckily for windows users GIT does not get updated as often as it should, and the last precompiled installer is version 1.9.5 from december 2014. But GIT 2.3 is already out. 

The GIT for Windows Team has made a 2.x release - with many improvements. See it here. If you still want to build your own GIT, keep on reading.


Deploying Drupal Like a Pro - Part 1: File Structure

This article is part of the Deploying Drupal Like a Pro series.

Application Files and Content Files

If you have just started playing with Drupal you will have something like this in your site's directory structure:





Deploying Drupal Like a Pro

Introducing the Deploying Drupal Like a Pro Series

Building a Drupal site is difficult, developing a Drupal Based application is more difficult but correctly managing, deploying and keeping alive an application who's customer is paying you a 4, 5 or even 6 figure number per month is even more difficult. And if you want to do that one last thing in a cost effective way you must do it yourself.


When PHP crashes: how to collect meaningful information and what to do with it


Drupal Session Handler: everything you need to know

In this article we compare and benchmark different available session handlers in Drupal, that is:


Bypassing Form Validations and Required Fields in Drupal: the BFV module.

Required or not required? To validate or not to validate? That is the question. So you've setup (the site builder's way, no custom forms) your required fields and custom validations for Node types, just to get this feedback from the customer:

That field we defined as mm..... as required (something trivial and not really critical such as an image file) is actually not always required. Users X and Y should be able to bypass that restriction.



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