PDF Generation in PHP

This article is a follow up of our previous post Decent PDF Generation in Drupal.

As a quick recap, in that article we discussed how half-broken, slow, memory hungry and not business ready are all the available PDF generation libraries for PHP.


Only update changed fields or properties for an entity in Drupal

When you save (precisely for an update) an entity Drupal does a massive job:


Using LINQ (Language Integrated Queries) in Drupal or how to write queries x5 faster


How to use NetPhp


Decent PDF generation in Drupal

Whether you like it or not PDF is a mainstream adopted format to exchange documents. Your customers will ask, sooner or later, to have some sort of content generated in PDF (be it an invoice, a report, etc...).

Doing a quick search these are the modules that offer some sort of PDF integration in Drupal:



NetPhp: using .Net from PHP is not a nightmare anymore.

The NetPhp is a set of libraries that allow you to seamlessly operate on .Net types from PHP:


Calling .Net Framework and .Net Assemblies from PHP

In this article you will learn how to consume .Net framework and .Net libraries compiled for any version of the .Net CLR:


Adding native JSON storage support in Drupal 7 or how to mix RDBM with NoSQL


I rencently read this very interesting article of an all time .Net developer comparing the MEAN stack (Mongo-Express-Angluar-Node) with traditional .Net application design.

Among other things he compared the tedious process of adding a new field in the RDBM model (modifying the database, then the data layer, then views and controllers) whereas in the MEAN stack it was as simple as adding two lines of code to the UI.



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